Clark Gregg Talks ‘Shipping :)


In response to a fan named “Rabbit” on the May 5, 2014 Geek Blast podcast interview with Clark Gregg about whether he ships “Capsicoul.” (ie, Captain America/Coulson)

Clark Gregg: “I do find Chris Evans as dreamy as Phil Coulson finds Captain America/Steve Rogers. I know that me, Clark Gregg, I tend to ship kind of Phil/Hill or Philanoff, but I’ve seen some really, really excellent videos online and some fanfic that show Phil Coulson deeply in love with Steve Rogers or Hawkeye, and I find those spectacular…I do love them.”


We are now a nation of fans. Fans in the “fandom” sense of the term, not just people who like stuff but people who get unhealthily attached to stuff from our childhood, take those childhood obsessions into our adulthood and then make it our mission to turn those childhood obsessions into serious, adult entertainment, complete with sex, violence, and pointed social commentary.

This, too, is not really a new phenomenon. The fanfic mindset is as old as literature itself—the Aeneid is quite arguably fanfic of the Iliad—and we have modern instances of rabid fandom going back to Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars, arguably the first modern fan club organized around creating fanfiction. But it’s hard not to argue that the fanfic mindset hasn’t, in the past generation, exploded within popular culture. It’s popular enough that there’s a YouTube channel about the phenomenon, “Gritty Reboots.”

- Arthur Chu: Daily Beast: How ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ and FanFiction Conquered Pop Culture

(A very tiny clip from a super interesting article!)

Fannish Age Survey: RESULTS!



A few days ago, I ran a poll asking people who are part of fandom their age. 5,026 people responded. Here’s what I learned:

The average age of people in fandom is 26 years old. 

However, because there are more people above that average than below it, the data is going to be somewhat skewed so the median age is more accurate in this case. The median age of people in fandom is 24 years old.

My youngest respondent was 11 years old, and my oldest was 74 years old. The most common age of respondents was 20 years old.

The distribution was interesting as well. There are as many fannish people who are 47-50 as there are fannish people under 15. But what does the distribution look like overall? I made some graphs under the cut to help illustrate this.

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Interesting fandom demographics data.  The distribution is about the same as centrumlumina’s age results from their AO3 census.  Both surveys recruited on Tumblr via word of mouth and thus are (as the authors note) not representative samples.  But it’s still quite interesting!



i can’t believe how much I have accomplished in one year. Really as far as I’m concerned I have two anniversary’s with AO3. May 5 is when I posted my first fic, July 31 is when I started in earnest (only two between today and then). Still this is the one year mark, so I just want to post numbers:


I mean HOLY CRAP. And that’s mostly since August, like I said. You guys are amazing. You’ve quite literally changed my life.

type40consultingdetective ran some numbers for me. With those low early months I’m averaging 14 fics a month, about 22k words and my average fic length is aroung 1500 words. And 182 works.

I’m overwhelmed by the support  you guys give me. I know my writing is improving. I changed my college major because of you guys. If anyone wants to know if fic makes a difference, here  you go.